about us

Innovative Science and Technology Publications Group (ISTPublications) is an independent publisher of academic, professional book and journals launched in the year 2015, with an aim of India's full text publisher covering niche disciplines of innovative Computer Science, Engineering, Technology and Management with different research related fields. ISTP is a privately owned publishing company committed to the global sharing of information. We acquire, develop, market, and share knowledge by publish scholarly and professional materials throughout the world.

All of journals published by us maintain the highest quality of standards, with Editorial Boards composed of scholars from around the world. The open up of our first individual journal is in this year titled "International Journal of Advanced Innovative Science Ethics" to grant the excellent threshold to the researchers and contribute to their findings with the global community market after having complete quality checks and legality, we never apt to the liberal policy.

Particularly our journals are subsequent Peer review process and are indexed within International Web & others. Within years to become, we look forward to enlarge the range of journals available with us.

General Policy

Journals published under the support of ISTPublications, is having a general policy from editorial point of view, which shows below

To encourage and make them to quality research, we will not charge authors for submission, processing or publication charge. Services for authors are free of charge.

Always, we will pursue, right policy of publications with no preference to any individual or society or institutions, whatsoever.

Articles will be reviewed in the basis of first come- first review (FCFR).

We will check each and every article with the plagiarism check software before it is sent in to the double blind review even if we have limited resource

Rather than Rejection, we consider the paper for Revision. Our first concern will be to modify ordinary content in to quality content by suggesting revisions. Thereby, we are giving opportunity to authors to enhance their innovative research work.